Digawel is a brand that I always, like, not exactly forget about, but never necessarily remember, ya know? Of course that is until it pops up inside my computer and then I'm like, "Fuck, Digawel is so good. How do I not own any of this shit?" Don't make the same mistake as me. Remember Digawel. Don't worry about how to pronounce it or what it even means, just remember the brand exists and drops bangers like this anorak. I'm positive the reason I show you guys so many anoraks like this is thanks to the prevalence of Starter jackets in my youth. You guys ever had the honor and pleasure of wearing a pullover Starter jacket? I had the Pistons joints, but I really wanted the Miami Hurricanes or Charlotte Hornets to round out my ensemble. Obviously, it never happened because my parents were fucking narcs, so now I spend my days roving the Internet, looking to replace that feeling.