The Carhartt chore coat is the G.O.A.T. I keep a vintage joint in my car at all times. This particular iteration celebrates Carhartt WIP's 25th anniversary. In order to properly celebrate they threw a heart shaped button on the flap pocket, special patches and a side vent on the right side. The cool thing about Carhartt coats like this one is that the meaner and more abusive you are to them, the better they look and feel. It took forever for my chore coat to finally break in. I was bragging to someone about how durable Carhartt coats are and they were like, "Well, yeah, all you ever do is sit in your car and then sit at home and maybe you go to Home Depot, like, once a year. I'm pretty sure a coat made out of tissue paper would last you an entire year." That person shall remain nameless because fuck them for so accurately roasting my lifestyle.