It's getting closer to winter and we all know that the actual final layer on your fit is a nice swath of facial hair. Unfortunately, for the genetically lacking among us, not every man can grow a formidable beard. It's a damn shame. In a perfect world, every man would have the option available to them. But fear not, those who look 14 when they're actually 26, modern medicine has made the beard transplant possible.

Hair plugs took a while to really become good enough that they weren't totally noticeable. My sophomore year English teacher had some wicked plugs and it was really fucking obvious. Now though, they're pretty solid and doctors have used the same principles to move that hair onto dudes' faces. These facial hair transplants have been around for a while—one doctor said he did four or five per year a decade ago and claims he does three per week now. But for about $7,000, a hair restoration surgeon can harvest hairs from the back of your head and use them on your face, giving you a full beard from sideburns to chin that looks, feels and acts just like a naturally grown beard.

In the grand scheme of things, if you really want a beard that badly, that isn't all that much money. I didn't necessarily idolize the beard my dad has had my entire life or the bearded Hollywood stars, but I guess some guys do. Granted, if you're easily influenced by the main Four Pins squad, you should know that 3/3 members have beards. Fork that cash over, baby face.

[Photo via Hairy Man Festival]