It's been said time and again, but black is the most fashionable color. Aside from going with literally everything, it's the best shortcut to looking minimal, sleek, and stylish in any scenario you're going to encounter in your life. Whether you're Rick Owens disciple, a Raf Simons archivist, or just want to relive your Hot Topic heyday, building a murdered-out closet is a lot easier than you'd think.

While the street goth wave has technically come and gone, there's still plenty of obvious reasons to craft a wardrobe that's as dark as your cynical heart (just kidding...kind of). As anyone who wears nothing but black can tell you, it's not only incredibly easy to get dressed in the morning, but takes the hassle out of planning your daily kits. We've taken the hassle out of building a blacked-out wardrobe for you, considering these are The Only 50 Items You Need for an All Black Wardrobe​.