This is a 100% suede parka from Simon Miller. The only real problem I see with wearing a suede parka is that everyone you know and probably a few people you don't know will end up petting your parka. That's always what happens to suede garments. They just kind of get fondled a lot because suede is so dope. And, normally, I'm not one to complain about people fawning over fire jawnz, but now you gotta worry about where all those hands have been before they start pawing at your new sixteen hundred dollar, pristine, stone-colored parka. Like, you see me heading towards the brunch line and you know I probably have some remnants of Del Taco grease on my hands and that can ruin your parka and probably a whole month of your time spent Googling "best way to get Del Taco residue out of suede" only to have Google be like, "Sorry bro, you're fucked. Here are some other parkas made out of materials that aren't as susceptible to staining."