Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette has a legend all her own. She's long been a point of attention for fashion people and for good reason. Sites have chronicled her life's work more in-depth than an actual human being's. But for all the outlandish claims, this recent one may be the most shocking: Karl Lagerfeld revealed to Another Magazine that thanks to the Opel ad Couchette starred in last year, she subsequently moved 10,000 units in two weeks and received $2.24 million in compensation.

Okay, it couldn't all be just because of a fucking cat, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. I mean, spend a minute on the Internet and you know how popular animals are. I would say that a cat this rich and powerful deserves its own set of Goyard luggage and a personal chef, but Choupette already has all of that shit. I'm just out here hoping my dog breaks 500 followers on the 'Gram SMFH.