Do I know enough to properly convey to you the impact of ISIS? Nope, probably not, but I can relay the information that none other than our favorite site, the Daily Mail, has so graciously provided for us here. Like any solid, organized faction of people, ISIS has some organizational methods. The easiest and clearest? A dress code.

While it's already banned skinny jeans and taken a particular disinterest in items branded with the Nike swoosh, we now know it also differentiates its ranks and locations with specific garb, the uniforms of which you can see above. If you've ever watched the news, you've probably seen the two on the right. Those are likely the most familiar to people and typically assigned to suicide bombers. The remaining fits, on the other hand, are parades garb and tan outfits specifically for ISIS' infamously brutal executions. I understand the all black everything movement, but guys, isn't it a little hot for that shit in your neck of the woods? I can barely be effective or motivated when I'm overheated, so I cannot even imagine trying to claim religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide.

[Photo by Leo Delauncey/Daily Mail]

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