The Fashion Law brings us this amazing story of two serial copycats throwing hands over their own lawsuit as H&M is suing Forever 21 for copying its tropical "Bitch, Please" bags.

These hilarious and unique canvas totes debuted at H&M last year from one of its in-house designers and sold so well that H&M filed for copyright this past June. H&M accuses of Forever 21 of selling the design in its stores, knowing damn well that H&M had its own version. H&M also brings up the fact that Forever 21 has been accused of copyright violations in the past, while ignoring its own exact same issues with biting, even goes as far as to state that the sale of the bag by Forever 21 is causing damage to H&M's own sterling reputation. Naturally, H&M wants Forever 21 to stop selling the bag and to pony up any profits.

It's all just another deliciously delusional pot calling the kettle black scenario in an industry that can't seem to get enough of copying and suing the shit out of each other. Above, you can see H&M's version on the left and Forever 21's on the right. Feel free to judge for yourself.

[Photo via The Fashion Law]

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