GQ UK got the first taste of the menswear coming out of the anticipated H&M x Balmain collaboration and spoke to Olivier Rousteing about the partnership. This obviously isn't H&M's first designer rodeo, but the match between the bargain bin prices of H&M and the over the top designs of Balmain should make an interesting mixture. Naturally, people are focused on the womenswear as Rousteing is well known for the elegant and glamorous. But on the men's side of things, it's a sort of a "crazy rich dude who owns a motorcycle, but definitely doesn't ride it" type of look with the paneled leather jackets and chunky high-top sneakers along with your standard Balmain military influences. Above, we have a taste of what's to come. There are the signature Balmain moto jeans done at a more affordable price of $310 rather than $1,200+, a coat at $232 and a moto jacket at $310. The sneakers run around $150 instead of being $600+, backpacks cost about $230 and shirts about $75. The prices are definitely right for those who don't have the bankroll to get their hands on real Balmain, yet still indicate the pieces should be a little better quality than typical H&M, which is a good thing. Balmain x H&M drops on November 5th. Strap the fuck in.

[Photos via GQ UK]

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