I'm a stan for Wallabees. They're so fucking good and comfortable with that crepe sole and the boot version with the slightly higher ankle collar is just an undeniable look. While our taste in affordable footwear usually hovers around Vans and some basic Nike or Adidas sneakers, this latest Wallabee lineup from Clarks deserves some fucking praise. These are all available at Kith, but you can find them pretty much anywhere that carries Clarks. Just so many options, fam. Of these four, the only weak link are the dark brown beeswax, which barely even qualify as weak to be honest since they are a gold standard that's been around since forever. You could talk me into any of the other three without a second thought. The burgundy joints are clean and, thankfully, not hyped up all red, the navy is subtle and the grey felt has a cold weather vibe to them. Granted, I do kinda feel like wearing Wallabees in the city is kind of like lying to yourself and when I look at these I feel like I really need to be in an upstate backyard with a light dusting of snow or something. Luckily, I've gotten over the feeling of being totally disingenuous to myself even though that's diametrically opposed to any "express your true self through fashion" messaging that people constantly vomit. Lie till you die!