Here is what I know about cobblers: They're crazy in the best way possible. Every little stitch and detail, they're on top of it. On that note, The New York Times Magazine has a short profile on Tom Lonergan, a man who has been the go-to Birkenstock repairman for a long time, only to just recently have his business explode somewhat overnight. Call him, Dr. Birkenstock M.D.

Lonergan got into the business after retiring from real estate some 10 years ago, becoming an authorized Birkenstock repairman after acquiring the necessary equipment. Despite a ramshackle web page, he now repairs more than 1,000 pairs of Birks per year, sometimes receiving letters from customers or just the straps, which he attaches to new soles and footbeds. Whether or not Birkenstock fever continues to stick around, Lonergan's business will probably be just fine, mostly because of dogs, he says. Yeah, dogs. See, he gets so many requests to repair and refurbish pairs that have been chewed the fuck up by pups with good taste, no pun intended.

[Photo via NY Fashion Hunter]