Each season, you can count on VFILES delivering a crazy presentation that features the hottest up-and-coming designers. During the fashion show, the music is almost as important as the clothing, and this time around A-Trak created a sick soundtrack to accompany the five collections, dance crews, rappers, and BMX riders that went down the runway.

In an interview with Fader, the DJ broke down just how he brought everything together for the second year. For David Ferreira's segment, which featured an appearance from Migos, he says he wanted to include "Fight Night" in addition to a mix of the new M.I.A. song to create a flashy vibe that matched the streetwear aesthetic. 

As for his personal style, A-trak says his love for clothes evolved later in life. "I would come visit New York, go to Union and shop. It was the era of the all-over prints, the all-over hoodies. I had a fitted cap to match any outfit. That’s probably when I developed a sense of style for the first serious time, and it kind of coincided with a time when I began paying more attention to how I marketed myself, because this was also the era of Myspace, which made everything more visual."

The DJ also shares how while on tour together, Kanye used to say that dudes in letterman jackets, hoodies, and Jordans were sporting an "A-trak suit."

"As a DJ I've always liked the idea of having a recognizable uniform," he says. "For a long time it was the fedora and the leather jackets, and then it turned into other stuff. That’s been a big part of how I brand myself." 

To read the rest of the interview head over to Fader.


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