Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere and we're clearly not the only ones who notice. According to Vogue, Stacey Cladwell, a VP of global wholesale at the fashion brand Thakoon, made a point of trying to find Karl Lagerfeld during her travels to Paris. See, the Chanel and Fendi chief has the habit of just coasting through life and people lucky enough to spot him get giddy with joy. He's truly a warlock.

Naturally, Caldwell had the ingenuity to turn her personal Where's Waldo? story into a book, entitled Where's Karl? obviously, centering on a fictional fashion blogger who's on a mission to track down Karl at 15 different cities around the globe, from fashion week in Paris to Karl's Christmas retreat in Tulum. Each city also features other fashion personalities to spot like Riccardo Tisci and Phoebe Philo in Shibuya or the Olsens at the Met Gala.

Even if you're a dick, you can admit that this is a nice, fun and easy going idea. I like to imagine what the other things we'll look for after we finally find Karl. You know how Waldo always had a hat or goggles missing too because, apparently, he was such an irresponsible dude? Like, what if Karl lost his signature glasses, gloves or, god fucking forbid, his beloved cat? But seriously, Waldo, my guy, learn to keep track of your shit. You're a grown ass man for Christ's sake.