Over the weekend, the Internet started talking about a billboard that popped up, which features an iconic image of Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas kissing each other's cheeks. The two NBA stars used to do this before every game they played against one another until Magic started believing rumors that the Detroit Pistons point guard was spreading lies about his sexuality. The billboard is free of advertising, so people have wondered who's responsible for it. Several publications and sites, including SB Nation and Uproxx, have covered the story with very minimal details included. 

So who did it?

Streetwear brand Undefeated confirmed to Complex via email that they're responsible for the billboard set up across their Los Angeles store. Undefeated has actually owned the billboard since 2002 and has mostly used the space to showcase emerging artists. Artwork from KAWS, Jose Parla, Terry Richardson, Shawn Mortensen, Dennis Hopper, and most recently, Devin Troy Strother have all made it on the billboard. 

Now, Undefeated is using the prime location above its former storefront to, according to an Undefeated rep, "highlight iconic moments that have helped build our cultural landscape." Previous to this image of Magic and Thomas, Undefeated shined a light on O.J. Simpson in his '93 Bronco and Bruce Jenner winning gold at the '76 Olympics. And for the record, Thomas and Magic have since patched things up and even reprised their pre-game tradition at the 1992 All-Star game.