We've covered some of Shane and his label Midnight Studios' exploits before here, highlighting his S/S 15 collection earlier this year. Complex Style just caught up with the 20-year-old designer for our August/September issue. The young gun's designs have already caught some waves with celebs, like A$AP Rocky, Theophilus London and Wiz Khalifa, but the most important part of his audience are his peers aka the young, style-conscious kids who get their style from the Internet.

Shane's designs tend to err on the punk, anti-establishment side of things, trading heavily in grungy plaids and oversized silhouettes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Undercover and punk music in general. He enjoys that world, which, amazingly, he discovered through the soundtracks of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game franchise, but makes sure to mention that he usually isn't super negative about life. In fact, he cops to the fact that a lot of the sort of anarchistic vibes right now are just "Internet kids trying to be punk." He wants to shed that "youth" label that everyone with a screen printed collection on Instagram is currently citing as their bread and butter. Shane also touches on the struggle of actually growing into a full-time label, moving from T-shirts to actual fashion pieces, a scary transition for him not knowing if his fan base would actually buy into his longer term vision. So far, it seems to have worked out.

We also have a look at Midnight Studios' Pre-Fall 15 collection here as well. It's a punctuated capsule of punk graphics on tees, shirts, hoodies and outerwear, continuing what Midnight does best. The all-over print smock/poncho is pretty fucking wild and the Sex Pistols imagery throughout—a collaboration with longtime band photographer Steve Emberton—including the interior lining on the cord rider, only continues that theme. If you want to rock with Midnight Studios and Shane's vibes, which, by the way, feel as authentic as this shit can get, you can pick up a bunch of stuff from the brand's online store right now.