I will always think of Nigel Cabourn as the fine purveyor of the turbo diesel outerwear that you could probably wear on vacation to the Arctic Circle. Or, like, either poles! So versatile! But this is S/S 16 and you can't show off crazy outerwear because that simply wouldn't make sense. Nevertheless, Nigel gives us a pretty solid collection. The baggy pants are here as always—Cabourn been on that wave. He even added in some long shirts and overalls (which, not that surprisingly, are from a workwear company, Lybro, that he revived himself). There's a nice chunk of chambray and denim and I really like the short parkas. Short parkas are going to be a full-fledged thing this fall and apparently into the spring as well. This is proper Dad-quits-his-high-paying-job-to-retire-early-by-the-sea gear. He spends his days going into town and buying fresh fish from the market and, as a result, gets incredibly healthy, so when you visit him, he's ripped and your sad, shitty body becomes a distinct point of shame.

[Photos via Selectism]