Nick Wooster is one of the most recognizable faces in menswear, however, when asked about what he does you might be hard pressed to come up with more than the fact that he's a street style God. Wooster sat down with Hypebeast to explain the career that launched a million street style shots, his status as a free agent, what that means, and how he is defining a new model. 

"I just made it up," Wooster tells Hypebeast about his self-proclaimed status as a "free agent." "It basically means that I get to do whatever I want... I’m not just a designer, I’m not just a retailer, I’m not just a street style person, whatever that is, I can instead do a little bit of everything." Wooster's resume is undeniable proof of this. The free agent has collaborated with Birchbox, Greats, United Arrow,  Lardini, spent time at Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, and JCPenny, and his credentials as a street style icon are well known. 

Wooster believes he is creating the career blueprint for year's to come with his short stints at a variety of places. "I honestly do think that it’s a little bit of a template for how younger people are going to structure their careers," he says.