Kristen Stewart is set star in a short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld that will play at Chanel's Métiers d’Arts show in Rome this December. Stewart, who has appeared in previous campaigns for the label before, will take on the role of its founder, Coco Chanel, according to WWD

Stewart's role, however, isn't that simple. The Twilight star will actually be playing the part of an actress who has been cast to play Chanel. Meanwhile, Geraldine Chaplin, who has played the label's founder in previous Lagerfeld-directed films, will be playing the real Chanel. The short film is meant to be a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional biopic being made about Chanel. 

According to Lagerfeld, Stewart plays the part wonderfully. "She played it really, really mean," he told WWD. "You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything. She’s mean with the director; mean with the producer." 

Last year, Chanel Métiers d’Arts show put on a film featuring Cara Delevingne and Pharrell singing, which was followed-up by a live performance of the song. Coincidentally, Stewart and Lagerfeld shot the film at a studio owned by Luc Besson, a director who is currently working with Delevingne on his next movie