After posting a photo of himself with a massive lion tattoo, Ed Sheeran revealed in a follow-up photo that he was trolling all of us and that the ink wasn't real. However, in a third, and hopefully final, plot twist, Sheeran unveils that he only covered up the lion tattoo for a television appearance.

Sheeran's tattoo artist Kevin Paul has also set the record straight on the tattoo during an interview with Now Magazine. "All I’m saying is it has taken me six hours so far to put it on his chest," Paul tells Now. The tattoo artist also reveals that the singer initially had much smaller plans for the lion. "[Ed] was going to go quite smaller," he says. "He kept saying, 'Bigger! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!' I don't think me or Ed really thought there was going to be that much fuss over it."

So, there you have it, Sheeran actually got the massive head of a lion tattoed on his chest. Here's the photo that sent everyone into a tizzy yesterday.