Earlier this week Paper magazine published a piece declaring bonnets as the newest trend for Fall 2015, drawing from the recent influx of the early pioneer's headgear in fashion editorials, on celebrities, and now on social media.

Both men and women have been sharing photos sporting the look, which has also been embraced by designers like Nicola Formichetti, making people question if bonnets will be the new normcore.

While we can only think this is some kind of joke, it looks like the Little House on the Prairie hat is growing in popularity with the hashtag #bonnetcore. The social media following was reportedly started by digital artist Molly Soda, who used the hashtag when she shared a selfie sporting the brimmed cap.

Of course, the Internet has supported weirder trends than the Mayflower-inspired hat, but hopefully this isn't something that will catch on.

Image via thongria on Instagram