Shout out to Acne Studios for making the perfect sweater for us to channel our favorite art teacher. I personally have very mixed feelings when it comes to art teachers. I never took art in high school because I was in this accelerated science program so there wasn't room in my schedule for art, which was totally fucked up because, like, three of my friends totally got away with making bongs disguised as vases. Back in elementary school, my art teacher totally confused me with the only other Asian kid in the whole school despite the fact we were two grades apart. Like, even at the school open house she went up to my mom like, "You're not Jon’s mom. Jon is Japanese." What the fuck? I'm Chinese and that's my mom. So, for a while there, I was like fuck art and fuck old ass ladies that teach it. But looking back, she wore all black and kinda vibed a friendly Wicked Witch of the West and you gotta to respect a strong aesthetic like that. Hopefully, you have a stronger relationship with your art teachers, so when you buy this $300 oversized turtleneck sweater you won't be reminded of very subtle forms of racism.