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The viral sex video filmed in the dressing room of a Uniqlo has brought all kinds of attention, both good and strange, to the company. However, a group of factory workers are making things even worse for Uniqlo by using the sex video to bring attention to what they consider unfair wages and termination, according to Quartz.

The workers who are stationed at a factory in Shenzhen, China have been on strike for over a month now. They are protesting issues that have plagued Uniqlo before, like extremely low wages and long overtime hours, as well as the possibility that the factory could relocate. The proposed relocation would leave workers unemployed and with a measly severance package equal to $129 for every year served there. The issue was not gaining much attention, though, until employees found a way to link their protests to the sex video that has been spreading across the Internet.

Factory workers have hit back at the company by asking on China's social media platform Weibo, "Shall we go to Uniqlo to have sex, or hold up placards?," according to Quartz. Another pointed out that factory workers wouldn't even be able to see where the crime took place due to their paltry wages. "They can not even go to the Uniqlo fitting room in Sanlitun to enjoy the sex, as they may not even able to afford the train tickets from Shenzhen to Beijing," one activist wrote.

In an effort to keep their jobs, workers in the factory have begun sleeping by their stations to ensure none of the equipment is removed. In a recent statement, Uniqlo says no workers have been fired because of the factory's relocation and hopes the issue can be solved "in a peaceful manner."