Proving that any press really is good press, the viral sex video filmed in Uniqlo's dressing room has led to increased visits at the Beijing location where it all went down, WWD reports.

The flagship store was already something of an attraction, but tourists and locals alike have been swarming the location and taking pictures at the infamous location. The store's newfound popularity won't help quiet the suspicion held by Chinese authorities, who have already made arrests in the case, that the video is a marketing stunt. Uniqlo's parent company Fast Retailing has adamantly denied any involvement in the video. 

The scene at the Beijing Uniqlo looks similar to something at a tourist trap. Visitors are taking selfies, showing people the store over video chat, and making a second trip to the store within a week just to tour friends who had yet to go. The tattoo that someone got of the sex video is proof that it has struck a chord with the public and one attendee cites China's ban on pornography as the reason.

"On the Internet, you never see anything [like the sex tape] online,” customer Jason Zhang told WWD. "[Chinese people] are not very open about sex. So the public is very curious for these things." 

If you want, you can watch the NSFW sex video here.