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Check your bank account and make sure you have a good proxy in order, because one of the dopest Japanese brands ever, SOPHNET., just dropped its new Fall/Winter 2015 collection. 

The new collection mixes grown-up workwear styles with a range of items that have more of a streetwear vibe. The first half of the collection is made up of heavily of outer layers, including a three-layer navy parka jacket, a wool two-button jacket, a sweater with contrasting patterns, a work jacket, and a pair of gown shirts. The next section sees SOPHNET. play with the classic gingham shirt by breaking up the pattern with a bold camouflage and polka-dot print. 

SOPHNET. also includes three colorways of a German army trainer, a bracelet modeled after a feather, and a range of branded beanies in a full spectrum of colors. 

The brand's Fall/Winter 2015 collection will be available from SOPHNET. on July 25.