I'm really about trying to bring back antiquated terms to call people and "rascal" is near the top of the list of terms to revive. And calling someone a rascal is so great because it's not offensive at all and reminds me of the Little Rascals. If you don't actually remember the plot of The Little Rascals, it was literally about a boys club who were anti-girl and wanted to win this soapbox car race. Yeah, sounds like type of kids who grew up to read Four Pins maybe more than once. They might even wear Rascals, with its sporty, cycling aesthetic. Maybe instead of building soapbox cars, they get really expensive Fuji or Bianchi road bikes, their idea of a relaxing weekend away being a 60-mile bike trek to a cabin in upstate New York where they make tons of food and then bike even more. That sounds fun when you see the Instagrams and shit, but then realize that their diet is, like, 90% green juice and plain chicken breast. That lifestyle is a hard pass, but the look isn't, which is why Rascals wins.

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