Fire sunglasses are an incredible flex because not only do they show that you have the money to burn, but if you keep them long enough, you're also clearly responsible and considerate with your belongings. I've had my current pair of sunglasses for just over a year and that constitutes an incredibly long time without losing or breaking them. That's apropos to nothing, I just wanted to brag. Moving on, Oliver Peoples and Public School teamed up for a collaboration of sick frames that make perfect sense since Maxwell of PS personally wears OP's "Wyler" frame, so the two brands designed a take on the original, adding metal detailing to the bridge and arms of the shades. The end result is the perfect mixture of round and square to flatter even the weirdest, most fucked up face. They're simple and edgy, which lines up perfectly with Public School's entire steez. Oliver Peoples x Public School comes in three colorways and is available right now for $495.