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Wow, look at these OAMC pants. I enjoy that the team at Roden Gray cuffed them so severely. Shit takes me back to the days when cuffed chinos and pants were totally in and people would tell you to get your pants hemmed, but not too short so that you could have a sufficient cuff to roll up. Those were the days, man. You would spend, like, 5-10 minutes in the morning trying to roll up your pants in the perfect way so that they weren't too perfectly crisp for a nonchalance that looked like it could all come undone at any moment. It was difficult to get that perfect cuff, but some of us got it done. I'm not really sure whether it was an infatuation with the look or just a thinly-veiled way to show off our statement socks—those were big "fun sock" days as well *barfs*—but whatever the motivation, everyone did it. You can go ahead and roll these pants up too if you want. Either way, the main thing here is the grosgrain ribbon on the thigh. That's the real moneymaker.