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Back in February, the nation was torn by the optical illusion that was #TheDress. And now that we’ve finally forgotten all about the drama it caused, there’s a new global debate occurring on social media involving the color of #TheShoe.

Twitter user @TotallyMendes sent out a tweet yesterday that has the Internet going crazy. She tweeted out a photo of a high-heel shoe next to two bottles of nail polish—one purple, the other pink. She then decided to stir shit up by posing the question: “WHICH COLOR MATCHES THE SHOE THE BEST?”

It seems like no one can agree. Is the shoe more purple? Or is it more pink? The image has been retweeted over 6,000 times and has inspired countless memes.

We’re not sure which color matches the shoe the best, and we really don’t care. The most entertaining thing to come out of all of this are the Twitter reactions.

Check out a few gems below.