Maybe you've been hiding under a rock, but the the Minions (first seen in the animated hit Despicable Me) are everywhere. Sure, they have a movie coming out, but their nonsensical babbling and adorable size have led to a staggering amount of collaborations, store takeovers, and even customized kicks (looking at you Dwight Howard).

In the spirit of the Minions craze, we wondered what evil's greatest assistants would look like when dressed in some of the best collections from the Spring/Summer 2016 season. No shade, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a Minion or two staging their own runway tomfoolery (à la Rick Owens). Whether they're dressed in Acne Studios, or Engineered Garments, check out these Minions Men's Fashion Makeovers​.

Illustrations by David Park (@lookrichasfuuu)