Michael Jordan is well known for being the G.O.A.T. of many things, including, but not limited to, extremely rich dudes that are completely devoid of any levels of swag whatsoever. Taste level aside, His Airness is literally a billionaire thanks to all the sneakerheads who regularly line up in person or online to get a pair of sneakers that bear his likeness. He's beloved by basketball fans the world over and for that he has racked up a formidable fortune. But how does Jordan spend that pile of cash burning a hole in his bank account? Thankfully, Business Insider made a handy video guide for us.

From his custom-painted private jet to custom golf cart, MJ spends his money on ridiculously lavish shit, no doubt. He also plans to build his own private golf course since he has had it up to here *motions to eyebrows* with his current one. Those fucking narcs probably cracked down on all his multi-thousand dollar bets on the course because serial gambling is likely against country club rules.

Naturally, this insider look at Jordan's spending habits doesn't touch on his clothing budget, which we assume is because unfathomably bad jeans are a dime a dozen no matter how many rhinestones you bedazzle them with. There's also zero point in breaking down his sneaker collection. I'm gonna go out on a limb and estimate he's spent $0.00 on kicks. Most interesting however is the fact that the Charlotte Hornet/Bobcats are worth more since MJ purchased them? Yes, that question mark was full intentional. I mean, this is the guy who thought rocking a Hitler 'stache in a national ad campaign for Hanes was a good look. Again, if you're a grown ass man like you claim, is this really the guy you want to look up to?