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A photographer is coming after Kendrick Lamar for using his artwork without compensation.

According to Bossip, artist Giordano Cipriani is suing Lamar, Interscope Records, and Aftermath Entertainment for using his photo as the artwork for “The Blacker the Berry”—the second single from his album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” The image, which depicts a mother breastfeeding two children, was shot by Cipriani in 2011 during a trip to Africa, and has since been used for various promotional purposes; however, Cipriani claims he never gave permission to Lamar or his record labels to use the picture. He also claims he wasn’t paid a dime.

The lawsuit was filed July 10  in New York Federal Court. The photographer is demanding Lamar to stop using the image, and is seeking damages to the course of $150,000 for every time the photo was used. He’s also requesting Lamar to pay his legal fees.

Stay tuned as more information rolls in.