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Damn, it's already time to start buying fall and winter clothing. I'm still sweating from having to physically walk places in New York. This three four coat from Folk is simple and understated. You should wear it with a band collar shirt and some dumb sneakers when you have to go to a holiday work party at your girlfriend's workplace. Those are the fucking worst, man. It's the only time I'm actually super thankful that I don't live with other human beings in my direct vicinity. Last year, I got trapped in some conversation about soapstone carvings with my girlfriend's coworkers. I was desperately looking around for her to come in and save me, but she has a sixth sense for avoiding inane conversations and disappeared like a fucking ninja for a solid 15 minutes. To retaliate, I stood at the buffet eating all the mini hot dogs wrapped in mini croissants. That part of the night was fire.