Karl Lagerfeld presented Fendi's first haute fourrure collection during Couture Fashion Week last week. While the designer has already commented on the controversial nature of a strictly fur show,  we'd love to know what he was thinking when he sent this coat down the runway, which the Financial Times estimates at €1 million, or just above $1 million.

The coat's million-dollar price tag is due to the use of a very costly fur, sable, and the fact that every follicle of the creation is covered in silver. The silver is meant to give "a unique and contemporary luminous metallic effect to the fur, while maintaining its softness," the label said, according to Dazed. 

Fendi's haute fourrure show was universally lauded by critics, and this coat is the crown jewel, but we doubt there's many people out there who have the stomach to drop a milli on a single jacket.