Massachusetts sneaker shop Concepts regularly collaborates with huge footwear and apparel brands, including New BalanceMitchell & Nessand ConverseHowever, the shop is expanding its product offerings with its latest drop by collaborating with watchmaker Timex

The collaborative watch comes in two sleek styles. Either PVD-coated black, a process that was originally used by the military to create an extremely scratch-resistant surface and eliminate glare, or stainless steel with a black rubber strap. The timepiece is diver-style, features co-branded elements, and comes with a specialty Concepts box. 

Concepts is also releasing a new collection of clothing for Summer 2015. The new batch of apparel includes tees, button-up shirts, shorts, and caps with standout prints, such as tie-dye and bandanna and checkered racing patterns. 

Check out the timepiece varieties as well as the new collection of clothing below. The new delivery and collaboration with Timex will be available on Concepts' website today, July 1, at 12 p.m. EST.