Jodhpurs are like the indie record label that's not really an indie record label. They have the recognition and legacy, but operate on a slightly smaller basis, so they seem indie, but aren't in actuality. They're right behind the Chelsea boot in terms of boot power rankings, if you ask me, battling it out with side-zip boots for that number 2 spot. The primary thing that Jodhpurs have going for them is the back heel detailing—dat ass tho, if you will. The criss-cross coolness of the straps in the back definitely beats out the ankle zipper or laces of a typical boot. And these Ami joints look better than a woman who has hit up the squat racks more than a few times. It's a touch of class and innate attractiveness that'll have you grabbing your heart like so. Yes, I am still talking about boots. I think.