The look: Sort of on that skate-rat-meets-street-goth tip, what with the oversized hoodie, graphic tee, patched-up jeans, and punk boots, but it gets a modern twist by accessorizing with the mode of transportation-du-jour, the iO Hawk, aka the PhunkeeDuck, aka that weird two-wheeled vehicle rappers and NBA players love riding dirty on these days.


Machus x Represent Gym Zip Hoodie, $110, available at Machus

White Graphic Tee

Stüssy x A Tribe Called Quest, $35, available at Stüssy

Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

H&M Super Skinny Fit Jeans, $35, available at H&M


Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Boot, $125, available at Dr. Martens


PhunkeeDuck in Red, $1,500, available at PhunkeeDuck