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This Acne wool/cashmere sweater is perfect for wearing over a tall white tee. I would wear said suggested outfit to take in the changing of the leaves this coming autumn at my favorite arboretum. Oh, you're city doesn’t have an arboretum? Where the fuck do you live, fam? The arboretum by my place is where all the hippie college kids go to eat mushrooms and smoke weed. I knew this kid in high school who called himself a "psychonaut" and would always eat a bunch of boomers and head to the arboretum. I always talked shit to that kid because, c'mon, "psychonaut"? Really, my guy? Guess what that kid is up to now? He owns this computer programming and coding boot camp that makes fucking bank teaching assholes like me new skills to get better jobs. I should've taken him up on that offer to eat a bunch of psilocybin amongst oak trees all those years ago. I bricked it SMFH.