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In the story about Stüssy's $50 million business that we posted up yesterday, there was a small nugget of information on the skate-surf-street brand teaming up with Dover Street Market. Well, that shit dropped today. It's all pretty basic Stüssy gear: black and white tees, a coach's jacket, button-up shirt and bucket hat. If you like Stüssy in any capacity, you'll probably enjoy this. It's very unoffensive. So, if you're into it, go for it. About half of the collaboration has sold out, but there are still some pieces available, which you can pick up at DSMNY online or in-store. Also shown here is another Stüssy collaboration that will be at Dover Street with designer Kiko Kostadinov that consists of some weirdly tattered and destroyed Stüssy pieces reconstructed together. It almost looks like the clothes are melting or been through a radioactive washing machine, which is kind of tight, I think? That 20-piece (FYI good things come in 20s, like Chicken McNuggets) collection launches in Dover Street Market New York today as well, marking the first time Kostadinov's work has been available in North America.

[Photos via Dover Street Market and Inventory]