Pintrill is adding to its Kanye pack, which sold out almost instantly when it was first released, with two pins that throwback to previous eras of the rapper. 

The New York-based accessories company is releasing an "808's" pin, which depicts 'Ye in the thick-rimmed glasses he wore in promotional images for 808s & Heartbreakand a "Shutter Shades" pin, featuring the once-trendy eyewear West popularized.

The pins are made out of a thick metal and use a hard enamel fill for quality that even Yeezy would appreciate. Even if you're not a fan of West, you can still get in on the pin trend, though. Pintrill has produced accessories that reference Drake, Kim Kardashian, YG, and Notorious B.I.G.

The latest additions to the Kanye pack are available for pre-order, with a late June ship date, on Pintrill's website now