If you are even in a situation where you have an actual "wardrobe allowance" I would encourage you to never leave that position. Your job is literally paying for your jawnz. Think about that. Even if you do luck yourself into such a position, you probably won't get anywhere close to what Nigerian legislators have. The country's National Assembly just got $43 MILLION to spruce up their wardrobes, according to Quartz.

That does account for the entirety of the assembly though. The 109 members of the Senate will each have $108,000 to play with and the 360 members of The House of Representatives will get $87,000. This wardrobe allowance is in addition to other furniture and car loan allowances as well. Good fucking lord. Naturally, as you can probably imagine, this is due to a fairly broken system.

Nigerian legislators are among the most well-paid in the world and there have been wild issues of transparency, or lack thereof, about this sort of thing. They average around $160,000 per year in regards to salary, which is already nothing to scoff at. Meanwhile, our own swagless U.S. Congress doesn't even approve wardrobe-related costs. Actually, free gear might incentivize them to actually get something done for once. Just spitballing here.

[Photo via FAF]