All images by Marc Richardson for Four Pins.

*Deep sniff in* Ahhhh, do you smell that? Yep, that's right. Fashion season is in full bloom. And you know what that means? An inordinate amount of people traveling to and from exotic places wearing the crazy shit you've seen since Prince was serenading Apollonia. Fashion week(s) is truly a time for people to revel in their individuality and take the style risks they've been waiting all of 3 months to try.

Style risks are hit or miss, really. I mean, most of them are ultra-trendy with an extra side of try-hard, but the ones that have staying power are the ones that truly stylish individuals tend to gravitate towards. Some of those individuals are showing up in full force in the U.K. to showcase the Dopest Style Risks Taken During London Collections: Men. 

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