As a collective, are we fucking with bandanas at all? I think I might fuck with bandanas this summer. Life hack: throw a bandana in some ice water or even in the freezer. Then when your extremely caucasian friends throw a "pig roast" (also known as a "barbecue") in the backyard where they spent all of May building reclaimed wooden benches for you to sit on, you can have an ice-cold bandana wrapped around your carotid artery, cooling you down so you don’t explode in a fit of rage when they make you play that game where you throw beanbags into a fucking whole. LIKE, GIVE ME A JOINT OR A GIANT GLASS OF BOOZE AND LET ME JUDGE YOUR LANDSCAPING IN PEACE, JANET. I DON’T WANT TO PLAY LAWN GAMES WITH YOUR FUCKING COUSINS. JESUS CHRIST, THIS IS THE WORST BARBECUE I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Oh yeah, this Eagle bandana holder will hold your bandana.