Let this one be a lesson to all you young, impressionable chaps out there: If you get even the vaguest hint that posting something on social media is a bad idea, don't fucking do it.

After J.Crew hit the skids last week and laid off 175 people, its VP of men's merchandising, Alejandro Rhett, and a few colleagues hit the town to celebrate their survival of the gauntlet. In the photos posted on Instagram (now either deleted or private in Rhett's case), the group raised a glass to making it through to the other side and dropped captions and hashtags referencing Hunger Games and Mean Girls. Because if there's something a bunch of asshole cornballs celebrating the layoffs of colleagues and team members would do, it's use Mean Girls references to further their point.

The photos naturally sparked a ton of outrage with The New York Post even featuring the blow back on their cover. Once J.Crew got wind of the heartless shenanigans, Rhett got what was coming to him. He was subsequently let go himself as were some members from his team. J.Crew made sure to let everyone know that they "do not condone this behavior in any way. Individuals' actions do not represent the culture of our company—this is not who we are. The tough decisions we made last week were not something we took lightly. We do our best to make decisions with care & compassion for all of our associates."

I'm not necessarily one to believe in karma as much as I am a believer in just, well, stupidity. And this is some pure, unadulterated stupidity of the highest order. Even though the Post is a total piece of shit rag with its own terrible reputation, if you're as unimportant as a VP at a place like J.Crew is and you somehow still make the front page of the newspaper, you already know shit is about to hit the fan as soon as it goes down. The Internet is always watching. ALWAYS.

[Photo via Fashion Week Daily]