Anyone who refers to herself as a “human Barbie” clearly has a questionable mental state. But 55-year-old Sarah Burge is just flat out insane.

In this week’s episode of E!’s Botched, the British mother, who has had over 100 cosmetic procedures since she was 7, was denied additional plastic surgery after she brought her 10-year-old daughter to her consultation.

Dr. Terry Dubrow described the incident as "Unorthodox at best, at worst it's weird."

Very weird. But shit was about to get a whole lot crazier. Not only did Burge make the asinine decision to bring her daughter on the reality show, she also revealed she had given her $7,000 worth of plastic surgery vouchers for her 7th birthday.  Uh, WTF?

Though Burge says she will not allow her child to undergo surgery until she is 18, she has also faced criticism for giving her other daughter Botox in the hands when she was only 15, according to Cosmopolitan.

However, Burge insists it’s not as bad is it sounds.

“She was a professional dancer, she suffers with hyperhydrosis [excessive sweating]," she says in the episode, "so it was nothing to do with anything cosmetic, it was purely a medical procedure."

Well, we know who’s definitely not in the running for Mother of the Year.