Last season, Acne went with the banal and highlighted its particular brand of boring and weird melded together. For S/S 16, it continues the trend. There are extremely long sweaters with slits for the wearer to reach their pockets, short jumpsuits so you can get your romp on, large colored paint streaks across a few pieces and trousers that come complete with what looks like leather bands to use as a belt instead of shoelaces. There was a big spike in the whole "playing with gender norms" narrative this season and I think of all the brands that have come to blur those lines, Acne probably made it the most obvious while still making a collection that its ardent fans will want to wear. Acne's audience is a rabid one and even some left field moves like this aren't necessarily deterrents to them. However, if too much color is a turn off, then this might cause a problem. But can you imagine the long sweaters in navy or black? They would make great layering pieces. Basically, tone down the bright lights here and you've got a very wearable set of clothing. Hopefully Acne does that when this stuff eventually hits stores.