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Photoshopping, especially in fashion campaigns, can often create impossible standards of beauty for both men and women.

Seeing someone with a perfect body, perfect skin, and perfect hair has the potential to create some serious self-esteem issues—even though we’re all aware of how fake it is. But in an attempt to really expose the alterations and fabrications, a high-end retouching firm has released short videos that show just how much work goes into creating a “flawless” image.

Created by Rare Digital Art founder Elizabeth Moss, the series of clips show hours and hours of retouching condensed into 90 seconds. Viewers can see just how much time and effort actually goes into getting rid of wrinkles, refining the skin, and altering bone structure.

Again, everyone knows that these images are enhanced, but the before and after comparison is ridiculous. 

“These videos are unique because none of the high end retouchers make these type of videos,” Moss told PetaPixel. “So the quality of the other before and after retouching videos available online are pretty terrible and not at all representative of what is typically done on high fashion editorials and campaigns.”

You can check out one of the insane time-lapse videos above. To see others within the series, go to Rare Digitial Art’s YouTube page.