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If you're looking for a raincoat to keep you dry, Stutterhaim has seemed to have almost exclusively locked down the territory. The Swedish brand is now synonymous with rubberized and stylish coats for battling the elements. Fast Company explored the brand's growth to figure out what exactly has been behind its recent success and what a celebrity like Kanye West can do for a young brand.

Alexander Stutterheim founded the company off the strength of his grandfather's raincoat, which he found in a barn. He wanted to remake the vintage style for the modern day with a little edge, so he produced a run of about 200 coats, which sold out quickly. But the real ingenuity here is how the brand has worked to connect the concept of rain with creativity. It surveyed many people about their relationship to rain and how it made them feel—sad, obviously. Yet, Sweden is known for producing many creatives, so in order to be creative, it became clear that you have to be sad sometimes. Seriously. While plenty of celebs have been spotted in a Stutterheim, including Kanye West, co-founder Johan Loman says it didn't make any discernible difference in the brand's sales. It seems Stutterheim may be an exception to the rule on that one.

Stutterheim's rubber, welded seam jackets are its best sellers, but the brand now plans to move into waxed cotton coats, bonded cotton, laminated cotton and possibly wool, morphing into more than just rainwear company.

[Photo via Fast Company]