Fast fashion brands and retailers like H&M and Zara have gotten a bad rep because of the things that need to happen behind-the-scenes (watch John Oliver explain it all). To produce mass quantities of clothing while also keeping it cheap for the consumer, raw materials have to be processed in ways that are not exactly great for the environment. Then there's the machinery involved, emissions from the trucks needed to move the merch, and the list goes on and on. But according to a new report, the impact is not that much worse than the impact that luxury brands have on nature.

Kering, the company whose luxury brands include Saint Laurent and Gucci, released an "Environmental Profit & Loss" report that shows its share of total pollution (waste, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.). The report is meant to show what Kering is doing to have a much smaller footprint, but according to Quartz, the data is comparable to that of fast fashion companies.

Because their products last longer, luxury brands claim to be "more sustainable," but it still doesn't make up for the percentages shown in the report. Head over to Quartz to read more.