I don't really geek out about bags the way Moy does. Like, dude really fucking loves totes and shit. When he takes his bi-annual spiritual quest to New York Fashion Week and we hit up an event and there's a free tote, you can bet your ass Jon Moy will walk out of the event with said free tote. I, on the other hand, have had this same canvas tote by Makr for the past like two years. It's dirty, grimy and disgusting, but I don't really give a fuck about that because it works. These Marni x Porter bags though are lit though and I don't even say "lit" that much. This isn't some regurgitated press release hyperbolic garbage. The line of totes, backpacks and little fannypack-like joints outfitted with clean, colorblocked paint look awesome. Of course, they're wildly expensive. Even the wallets are $130, with the tote/backpacks running you a cool $895. You'd probably want to use these to transport items that are more expensive than the bags themselves. You don't want to be the walking embodiment of "$2,000 bag with no cash in your (man)purse."

[Photos via Fashion Press]