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Last night Kim Kardashian continued to promote her book Selfish during an exclusive interview with Catt Sadler from E! News. The reality star discussed compiling the images for the book, which she admits took months due to her thousands of photos. Her collection began with her first selfie ever that she captured with a disposable camera with sister Khloe Kardashian

When asked what her favorite image is in the book Kim told Sadler, "Probably one of the sexier ones. I like that section the best. There was a lot I had to edit out of there. I decided not to go too nude, because I didn't want to go too crazy."

The response is surprising considering Selfish features topless pictures of Mrs.West. Sadler followed up by asking if Kanye West ever requested that she save anything just for him.

"I think if anything he'd go the opposite way, like 'I want to show off my wife and for everyone to see,'" she said. But, she did add that she and Kanye discussed what to include by taking her fans into consideration and edited the selection down quite a bit.

Selfish will be available May 5.